Fear of Failure Preventing Home Ownership

April 24th, 2013

Fear of Failure

I remember learning in Graduate School about the concepts of “Fear of Failure” and “Fear of Success”.  When I did, it was like a light bulb went off in my mind as I began to realize how many people I know limit themselves from achieving greatness because they have a fear they will fail or a fear about what would be expected of them next should they succeed.

I’ve seen these behaviors in people I know and sometimes I am at a loss for what to do about helping them overcome their self-limiting beliefs.  They perform self-destructive activities and make excuses for why they don’t succeed or achieve their dreams.

For some people, these fears result in self destructive activities that prevent them from saving enough money to own a home.  They fear the responsibility of home ownership or believe that they could never afford to do so.  Instead of taking active steps to plan, save and get a piece of the American Dream, they stick it out in a cycle of endless paycheck to paycheck survival and continue to rent for their entire lives.

If you see yourself in these words you do not need to despair.  You have options and steps you can take to help you position yourself towards home ownership.  I am fortunate enough to belong to an organization – Keller Williams, which has endless resources that allows me to help you own a home.  One such resource is Gary Keller’s book “Your First Home”.  Following the steps outlined in this book will undoubtedly lead you to owning your first home within a reasonable time period.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, then please contact me by clicking on the link “Your First Home” located on the home page of my website.

I hope you do so and look forward to hearing from you soon.

When in Doubt, Go for It

March 14th, 2013

Today I made the worst possible decision.  I decided not to decide.  When you decide not to decide you lose your options.  Things are decided for you that may not be in your best interest.  I have found that when you are in doubt about something, the best course of action is to go for it.  If at a later time the decision to move forward turns out not to be the correct one, you can always make adjustments and get out of it.  If you decide not to decide, then you may lose the opportunity to make the decision to move forward and you will never know what good may have come out of it.

Sure your decision to not decide whether you should move forward may ultimately be the best one, but I am willing to bet that most of the time you will never know whether or not you should have done so.  This will only leave you with doubt and the lost opportunity will nag at you making you unhappy.   In other words you won’t be happy that you didn’t do it and it will bother you that you didn’t   That to me is a Lose – Lose proposition.

I am very angry at myself over my decision not to decide.  I am mostly angry because I know better.  I haven’t made this mistake in a long time, so I am going to relearn a lesson from it.  That lesson is NEVER EVER DECIDE NOT TO DECIDE!!!